Jackie… a Dutch Fine-art Artist. Living in South - Spain / Andalusia since January 2015.

She is a versatile artist with a great love for detail.

In 2011, Jackie decided that it was time to express her love for art, and started working as an artist in her little studio. The creative side that had been slumbering up till this point now receives the full attention it needs to flourish.

Jackie is entirely self-taught. To her, a sense of composition, color, light and form, the enormous emotion that goes into a work of art and attention to detail is innate. When she works, she entirely resides in a world of her own, uniting herself with the subject at hand. Each new topic and / or medium is a journey for her. In her own words: "I just start somewhere and suddenly something beautiful arises."

Her paintings, drawings and airbrush work demonstrate a good control of various techniques and use of materials. In her work where hybrid techniques and mediums merge, mutually reinforcing, she developed her own style and partly because of the airbrush technique it allows her to work with an extra dimension. Besides acrylic and gouache, Jackie also works with graphite, pastel and colored pencil.

The themes of her paintings show a great variety, from still life to portraits of humans and animals, from landscapes to cityscapes, she thinks everything around her is worth the effort to incorporate into a painting. Jackie loves delicacy, accuracy, detail and these characteristics are also typical for her work. Work that, precisely because of these features, shows a high degree of realism. Because of her enormous empathy, she mastered the art of involving the audience in her world through her art.

Besides her own free work, she’s also available for commissions. (See Info page)
Jackie exhibits her work from 2012.