Commissioned works are very individual, like the people for whom they are intended. Whether you want to indulge yourself with a work of art, or give a beautiful gift to a loved one, the possibilities are endless.
Here is some info about the possibilities and what to pay attention to when providing photos or ideas.

These commissions can be done in one or more of the following techniques:

- Airbrush
- Painting techniques, such as acrylic
- Drawing techniques, such as pastel

On the following surfaces:

- Board
- Variety of paper types
- Canvas
- Metal
- Wood
- Plastic

Nearly all sizes are available on request.

A commission can be virtually everything; portraits of people and/or animals or any other topic such as fantasy drawings, landscapes, cityscapes, or your own design. The options are limitless...

When creating your commission I can work from a reference photo, sketch or any idea that you describe to me.
If you have an idea or wish for which you do not have, nor cannot find pictures, I can sketch out your idea or I can find reference pictures for you.

Provided photos:

The key in creating a beautiful work of art is a good reference picture. The better the photos, the better / more detail I can work into the commission.

- Provide a sharp, clear picture.
- If using digital pictures, please provide them in the highest possible resolution.
- If possible, please provide a number of photos. When multiple pictures are provided, I can (in consultation with you) choose the best to create a beautiful work or use several photos to make one.

Price :“on request”

Payment: cash, bank or PayPal.

I can ship my work worldwide, in consultation with you.

* If a commission is complete I retain the right to the pictures of the finished work, to be used for promotional purposes under my name. This means I can publish them on the Internet, on my own site and for printing etc. (Without quoting the title/ownership, if you so wish)